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Wholesale Hair Extensions for Professionals

Natural Ombre Custom Ordering

Just like a good make-up application, one of the best implications of a well-done hair extension install is not to actually see hair extensions!  We want to accentuate the client's natural hair and then add the volume, length or color that they desire with some extra beautiful hair.  

What we have learned is that stylists have to be extremely talented in order to achieve this seamless look where hair extensions are undetectable.  Not only does the texture, length and volume have to match the client... but the colors have to be flawless as well.  The clients we talk to experience a lot of stress trying to achieve the right dimensions.

We truly believe that the stark color change of ombre is not something that will last forever; but a Natural Ombre or a "rooted dye" is something that will always be in style.  H&C has twenty years of custom coloring and creating bulk hair for the hair replacement, TV & film industries.  We understand exactly what the stylist needs, and we have a talented and experienced dye team that can deliver.

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Why your clients want it:

  1. no need to adjust what the client wants to what is in stock
  2. reduced stress of having to get hair dyed when roots begin to show
  3. ability to achieve a more natural look; further reducing the appearance of extensions
  4. flexibility to decide exactly what you want from your hair extensions; color, texture, length

This is why you need it:

  1. no more stress coloring expensive hair concerned you are ruining it
  2. there will be no mismatching colored threads or tips
  3. the ability create your own signature look
  4. the freedom of customizing color and style for each client
  5. you can use any type of hair or attachment that we offer

So this is how it will work:

  1. Click here to open the fillable pdf order form (or pick one up if you are in the LA area)
  2. Grab your color ring and measuring tape
  3. Have a consultation with your client to discuss the lengths, colors, texture and finish.
  4. Fill out the order form and save it to your computer
  5. Email and attach the order form
  6. Within 24 hours we will call you back to answer any questions and verify the order

Remember the details:

  • You should expect a 4-6 week turnaround
  • You will need to order at least 4 bundles per color and length
  • There is a $15 additional charge per bundle
  • 50% non-refundable deposit is required up-front before order is processed
There are no exceptions to what is listed above.  This offer is for those clients that are willing to put in the resources; both time and money to get the customized hair extension look that is perfect for them.  A lot of time and effort from many different people will go into making each and every one of these orders happen; but the result is priceless.


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