Additions to the color blend collection

What's New:

  1. New color combination in 6N/9N

  2. Now in Poly hair extension collection

If you have not heard of it yet; we have a collection of 2 color blends that set 2 colors from our color ring side by side into single strands or single weft tracks. So far, we have offered 5 combinations for the Cylinder and Hand-tied weft hair extension lines. 


Our Latest Color Combination

6 Natural & 9 Natural make the 6th color combination we are now offering.

Most of our two-color combinations are light and mid blonds. The popularity of the 7G/10N combo prompted us to add a mid level range that stylists order together quite often. Visit our Two Color Blends Collection page for details. Currently you can find the 6N/9N available in Cylinder Layered 16" and Poly Layered 16". Over the next couple of weeks our inventory will fill up with more in the 6N/9N combo.

Color Blends in Poly Hair Extensions

Prior to this point our color blends were only available in Cylinder Hair Extensions and Hand-tied Weft Hair Extensions.  Now we are able to accommodate our clients that prefer or work exclusively with Poly Extensions. Over the next few weeks we will have Poly Hair Extensions available in all the 6 color blends. 

You can see what is available in Poly Premium or Poly Layered right now. Soon all the color combinations and more lengths will come into inventory.  


If you have more ideas for color blends that you apply often, please let us know. Don't forget to post your latest hair creation on Instagram with the hashtag #hairandcompounds to be featured on our homepage. Its a great way to get client referrals.