What Did We Do

You may have noticed we have a new website platform, but there has actually been several changes we have implemented. Here is a list of what we did and why.

1.Improved our website and E-store to function on desktops, iPads and iPhones.


It is now simpler, and faster to check pricing, stock availability, or place an order from wherever you may be. *If you did not receive your invitation, send us a quick message and we will email it to you again. 


2.Changed our look and feel by hyper focusing on the details of our hair.

We noticed for the past several months that our message of science and study of human hair has started appearing on other hair extension websites. We have been talking about our research lab for years and how very important it is to actually measure quality and not just talk about it vaguely. Its flattering to be copied but we recognized it was time for some changes. Science still is, and always will be out driving internal force, but we wanted to bring more focus to the details of the hair itself, that are most important to our customers. *If you think we are missing anything, please don't be shy. We thrive on feedback!


3.Multiple micro improvements of our hair extensions.

When our customers complain or recommend, we listen. And then we begin working with our production team to tackle every problem and find a solution. You should never feel like you cannot tell us what is wrong or what you wish we would do. Here are just a few issues we have addressed lately based on customer feedback. 

  • We heard from our Poly customers that the tips were too long at the stem and too short at the tip, so we immediately tweaked the finish and started retipping our entire stock. We also heard the clear poly tip shows too much on the 1 Natural and 2 Ash colors, so we reformulated the poly bond and added black color to the adhesive.
  • We are still working on creating a new mold that will make the poly tip completely flat.  Right now our strands give the optical illusion that there is less hair in comparison to some other hair extension suppliers strands' (such as Great Lengths).  However when measured, H&C actually had the same amount of weight or more per strand.
  • We heard that our wefts were not up to par and some of them were shedding. We again went back to the production team to isolate the problem and fix it by increasing the knots per inch and replacing some of the equipment at the factory. 
  • We heard that our curly hair was measuring up too short, so we immediately reassessed how the curly hair should be measured. For example, when you order 18" curly, you are getting full ends all the way to 18". We just pulled a great deal of our stock out of inventory and have begun remaking it with fresh inventory so that you will have full curly hair. 


4.Initiated a new program to discover what our customers and their clients need.

A common mistake that many companies make is not really listening to what their customers need. Too much guess work can lead to products that do not work. We are not the ones standing behind the chair or the ones wearing the extensions for several months. So we have begun asking a lot of questions that will lead us to insights for improvements in both hair products and customer service. And eventually will lead to brand new designs and products. So if you receive a message asking for some of your time, this is why. 


5.Designed new Ionix product called Brush Up. 

A few months ago, several stylists helped us test a new formulation to treat dry and frizzy hair extensions. We had been working on this treatment here in our lab for about 6 months trying to formulate an easy to use treatment that is also safe for scalp hair. We wanted something like the keratin smoothing treatment, but faster and easier to apply and most importantly - good for all textures. 

A very common complaint in the industry is what happens to the hair after a few weeks wearing time and heavy styling. Whether it is our hair extensions or another companies, you can now address these complaints with an in-salon treatment that will revitalize the hair making it smooth and soft again. For hair extensions, hairpieces and wigs, we believe this will help significantly prolong the wearing time. We will send out an announcement with full details by the end of the month. 


So that's what we did and why. And we have every intention of doing more. We will keep you updated.