What Causes Finger Cramps for Hair Stylists

Finger Cramps Causes for Hair Stylists: The top stress injury found in the stylist ergonomics study due to hair extension application and removal was that of finger cramps.

Let's begin by defining finger cramps.  Finger cramps are called true cramps, which are the most common type of skeletal muscle cramps that are caused by hyper excitability of the nerves that stimulate the muscles. 

Possible Causes & Prevention Tips: Vigorous Activity


The vigorous activity that may be causing your finger cramps is basically the vigorous use of muscles and muscle fatigue.  The discomfort can come during the activity or later.  In the scenario of stylists, the vigorous activity can be the repetitive motion of inserting of removing fusion or micro tip hair extensions (especially many at a time, in a day, or week).


Dehydration is commonly associated with muscle cramps.  Dehydration can be caused by a loss of perspiration due to vigorous activities or exercise, diuretics, poor fluid intake, or sodium depletion.  Although we cannot diagnose stylists with dehydration, adding a few bottles of water to your daily routine, especially before, during and after hair extension installation is a simple adjustment to help ward off those pesky cramps.  During my yoga training, I was always taught to replace one of my bottles of water with water, lemon, a little sea salt, and honey.  This may be all you need to help with sodium depletion.

Calcium & Magnesium

Excitability of the nerve endings and the muscles they stimulate is directly increased by low blood levels of either calcium or magnesium.  If you commonly deal with cramps, it may be worth exploring the possibility of adding a calcium and/or magnesium supplement to your diet.


Low potassium levels are more commonly associated with muscle weakness rather than muscle cramping, but is it sometimes a cause.  Adding potassium- rich foods or a supplement to your diet is another option you may want to explore.  Click here to see some great potassium rich food you can enjoy today!   The average hair extension installation can last anywhere from 2-8 hours.  That is a lot of time and effort!  If you are someone that does a few installations per week or even per day, you are risking pain and even possible injury. So now what? You may be able to lessen, alleviate or prevent some of the body stress you incur from hair extensions application and removal with some simple adjustments.  Before your appointment: Take a few moments before a long appointment or even a long day at the salon to prep your body.  Begin with some simple stretches on the fingers are forearms.  During your appointment: Give your client a bathroom break.  Grab a drink of water and spend a few minutes doing these simple and effective hand exercises.  You will be thanking yourself later! After your appointment: Some believe that pain in the wrists stem from a larger issue of misalignment in the shoulders which we touch on in the future.  After your appointment or a long day at work, you can do some basic movements to release this pain. Read here to find out how you can do some basic movements to release this pain.     Share your experience by commenting below.  What worked for you and what didn't?  Maybe you can help a fellow stylist prevent some unnecessary discomfort!  Please be aware that the information in this email are suggestions and opinions.  You take them on at your own risk and Hair &Compounds, Inc. is not responsible for any injury or illness that results from taking the advice provided in this email.  We are not certified medical providers and you should always consult a physician when adjusting your health or fitness routine or your diet in any way.