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How to Video: Reshape Cylinder Hair Extension Tips

Hair & Compounds’ Cylinder hair extensions have a finely engineered tip that will not crack or shed and can be re-attached numerous times. This quick video will guide you through the process of reshaping the tips when moving the hair extension up for maintenance.

Our Cylinder tips can be restored to their original shape in a simple way to save time. Cylinder hair extension tips begin round so they can easily fit into the copper rings. Once the extension is inserted into the copper ring with the scalp hair it is flattened with a special tool which creates flattened tips. Steps:

  • Set your flat iron to the lowest heat setting
  • Take 5 or 6 strands of hair at a time
  • Place the strands of the hair in the flat iron and press gently for only 5 seconds
  • Let the hair sit for a few moments
  • Look how the tips have returned to their original shape