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Carpal Tunnel Basics and Prevention

Repetitive Motion Disorder (RMD) is a term that includes the disorders that affect the hand, wrist, arm, neck and upper back and shoulder.  RMD can  cause pain, muscle weakness, etc.  RMD can be caused by repetitive movement, repeated use of force, working in an unnatural body position, or long-term vibration.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a specific type of RMD the involves the fingers and hands and a compression of the Median nerve.  The Median Nerve runs from the arm to the hand through a small passage in the wrist called the Carpal Tunnnel.  Other tendons as well as the Median Nerve run through this passage and the inflammation of these tendons squeeze against and pinch the median nerve, resulting in numbness and pain in the fingers.

Hair stylists are at risk for Carpal Tunnel syndrome because they spend long periods of time doing a limited set of motions without frequent breaks.

Try these simple stretching exercises to prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.




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