Hair Capitals of the U.S.

Using city-specific hair themed hashtags on Instagram posts could help hairstylists gain more likes, followers and possibly even clients.



51,595 Posts


7,056 Posts


3,469 Posts


69,372 Posts


Posts about hair are pretty popular on Instagram, and many hair-related posts are listed under hashtags related to cities in the U.S. We took a look at some of these hashtags focused on cities that aren't in the limelight quite as often for hair-related content.


All of the hashtags we looked at have the name of the city followed by the word “hair.” The posts found within these hashtags contain a compilation of photos and videos from salons and stylists showcasing their work and sharing educational information.


Stylists in any city can use these and other location-based hair hashtags to garner more visibility in their respective hair communities. This visibility could help salons and stylists attract more clients, which in turn increases revenue. Don’t forget that attractive content is also key to gaining new followers and clients on Instagram, but the hashtags could help put your business in front of their eyes and on their screens more easily.



29,468 Posts


119,860 Posts


52,191 Posts


13,771 Posts


7,264 Posts


7,982 Posts


1,602 Posts


3,239 Posts


Please note that the photos shown in this blog are not our hair, belong to hairstylists and salons on Instagram and are only shared for the educational purpose of this blog. The numbers of posts that can be found under each hashtag are as of Oct. 25, 2019.


To view where the post came from on Instagram, click on the photo. Click the linked hashtags to see what content is displayed under those hashtags on Instagram.



41,213 Posts


23,137 Posts


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8,549 Posts


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