Wholesale Hair Market News

Wholesale Hair Market News

In the recent winter issue of the National Hair Journal, Editor-in-Chief Christopher Webb interviewed Isaac about the status of the global wholesale hair market. (If you don’t know Isaac yet, he is the owner of Hair & Compounds, Inc.) While discussing industry trends many important points were made that business owners would find important to know and make note for the future. If anything, you will have a better understanding of why wholesale hair prices keep increasing and most noteworthy – where is the Russian hair?

Indian Wholesale Hair

  • Still the best option for quantity and quality if you can control your sources.
  • Prices increase 3-4 times per year as global demands increase each year.
  • The past decade has seen changes in Indian culture that is effecting hair donations to the temples. More and more women are selling their hair directly instead of donating at the temples.
  • Supply trends have not really changed from the past few years, although many are just now starting to feel the limitations of wholesale hair supply and prices.


Russian Wholesale Hair

  • Prices have been driven up to the point of ridiculous while quality has seriously declined.
  • Last year our company in India has been approached by many Russian and Ukraine hair traders wanting to buy Indian hair. So even the exporters are blending and calling it “Russian” hair.
  • The best testing method to know if you have authentic Russian virgin hair is to examine the lightest blond: dark roots, light ends and natural streaks.
  • Russian’s have never donated their hair. It has always been sold and has become an increasingly dangerous business in many areas.
  • It has also become a dangerous business here in the US as many know by now that even we were robbed at gun point for our Russian hair.
  • Wholesale hair is no longer possible for long lengths. Only small quantities for the stylists  and film wigmakers can now be offered in very limited quantities.
Check out the full article in the National Hair Journal for a more complete review.





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