Curly Hair Extensions

Curly Hair Extensions

Curly hair extensions and the science to wearing and caring for natural curly hair extensions. The difference between permed chemically made curls and curly hair extensions often surprises the wearer of the new head of hair extensions. It is not at all the same as if the client had their own hair permed into curls. They are adding someone else’s beautiful natural, repeat NATURAL, grown out curly hair. Everyone with masses of natural curly hair spends a great deal of time taming their curls and complaining while many other women envy their head of hair. The grass is always greener. Once you have this new head of curls you also have acquired the issues of caring for them. The finished look can be amazing and worth the time of maintenance. If you are going to invest in this type of hair extensions, be ready to invest in the care of them so you get your money’s worth.

The manageability problems and damage arising from the curliness structure comes from combing forces and heat as a result of its own nature.  This generates breakage, frizz and tangled ends. That is not to say you do not cause damage on straighter hair by using excess of heat and aggressive styling techniques. Curly hair extensions fibers are more vulnerable as they grow out in twists and turns so that if you force it to straighten you cause the hair to bend back on itself and weaken. The cuticle layers are already open in many areas along the fiber and can easily lift creating a rougher texture and these cuticles grab each other causing tangled ends. As the hair is subject to heat and force the hair becomes more brittle and frizz is now a constant battle.

What is key for curly hair extensions?

MOISTURE!!!! We cannot stress it enough with any and all hair, but most importantly with curly hair extensions.

  • Do not blow dry straight! Do not flat iron! Unless you are going for the crimped french refined texture the hair will not look right. And you risk damaging the curly texture to the point that it will not bounce back so readily to its original curl structure.
  • Air dry for no frizz and long lasting curly hair extensions. Seal and protect with either a leave in conditioner or an anti-frizz styling product.

Having recommended leaving the curly hair alone to keep it in the best condition – it does not mean you don’t have styling options. There are many ways to control the curl and create several different styles. Check out this great website that discusses all forms of styling naturally curly hair:


Curly hair extensions - Ringlets hairstyle


Products for natural curly hair extensions

We highly recommend our Ionix Pre-Shampoo Solution as a product to use before cleansing the curly hair extensions. It contains natural oils that help keep the hair moisturized and will not prevent your hair or scalp from getting clean. Another highly recommended product is by Organix, Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-breakage Serum. Excellent for both regular and curly hair to keep the frizz down and make the hair feel soft and silky. You can find this product on Amazon.