Lots of Natural Curly Hair!

Lots of Natural Curly Hair!

We have a new shipment in that contains quite a lot of natural curly hair. After a long dry spell, we finally are getting in both short lengths and the unusually long lengths up to 22”. It doesn’t last so if you have been waiting for long natural curly lengths hair in loose or hair extensions please call us as soon as possible.

Usually natural curly hair is difficult to grow in lengths longer than 12 inches. We usually stock up to 16″ length and limited quantities of 18″ to 22″ lengths. With our bulk hair, we can custom dye and blend to match most colors for custom European bulk hair and European hair wefts or for stylists that like to blend and make their own hair extensions.

Natural curly hair will behave exactly like natural curly hair. It will frizz, break ends and dry out if not properly maintained and styled correctly. Please do not expect this hair to behave like chemically waved hair. The hair is treated to all color levels from 1 Natural until 10 Bleach (levels 11 and 12 are not offered). The darker the level the tighter the wave or curl as the bleach treatment begins to break the protein bonds and loosen the curl texture in lighter colors. Colors 10 Natural and 10 Bleach is the lightest colors we offer in our curly hair textures. Platinum blond curly hair is just not feasible and ends up looking fragile and frizzy.

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Natural curly hair is available in fusion curly hair extensions (Poly), micro hair extensions (Cylinder), Indian wefted hair extensions, custom European hair extension wefts and custom European human hair bulk. The curly hair extensions can range from a loose curl to a tight wave depending upon the batch.