Interaction of Hair Extensions Treatment and Hair’s Surface Charge

Interaction of Hair Extensions Treatment and Hair’s Surface Charge

In our last blog we established that the surface charge in hair extensions has a negative charge. But almost no one in the hair industry discusses the importance of this fact or how it should be taken into an account when selecting hair extensions treatment products. As we all learned in our basic chemistry classes in high school, the negative and positive charge will attract each other, while two of the same charges will repel. The way the surface energy charge of our hair will interact with different hair products has a significant impact not only on the hair health but also on goal of what we are trying to achieve when using different hair extensions treatment items.

Hair shampoo should gently clean the hair cuticle surface. Ideally, shampoos should have a negative charge in order for it to not get absorb into the hair fibers. Damaged hair and hair in hair extensions often does not have a protective cuticle layer, which makes it even more vulnerable. Damaged hair does not have anything to protect it and prevent the shampoo from being absorbed into the hair fibers. When hair is cleaned with a regular shampoo, the shampoo acts similar to peroxide in an open wound and burns and dries the hairs from the extensions treatment

Hair conditioner should reduce frictions between hair strands and deposit moisture. To do so, hair conditioner should be designed with a positive charge to absorb into the hairs without leaving deposits.

You are probably wondering which hair extensions treatment products are designed with the hair surface energy charge in mind? Hair & Compounds have developed the entire IONIX line paying close attention to the chemical balance of the hair  and the hair extensions treatment. You can learn more about them on the IONIX hair care product page.

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