How to Care for Hair Extensions

How to Care for Hair Extensions

Discussing how to care for hair extensions with your stylist should be a part of the initial experience of having hair extensions installed.  To get the best value out of the initial investment the clients must take care of their scalp, their own hair and the hair extensions with the right products. The key to keeping hair extensions looking natural and feeling silky soft is minimizing heat and mechanical stress and increasing moisture.


Finding products that are formulated for dry, processed or damaged hair can be a guessing game for the consumer because reading the label doesn’t explain what ingredients do for the hair.  It can be frustrating trying to find the right products to care for hair extensions that solve hair tangles,  frizziness, etc.  It always comes back to moisture content and how this affects the strength of the hair.


Hair extensions go through a lot when being processed.  From cleaning to preparation, coloring and texture processing the damage is endless.  Hair & Compounds workers at both the factory and in our quality control office must know how to care for the hair extensions properly for maximum quality results.  So when we decided to make our own hair care products designed specially for hair extensions, each person that interacted with the hair knew how to handle the hair and test each recipe and product on the bulk hair in the factory.


Ionix is the only hair care line for hair extensions and hair replacement that was specifically created and formulated in our lab. We use all of the Ionix products on a daily basis in our hair processing applications.

Proper hair extensions care requires diligence in keeping the hair clean of heavy depositing conditioners and styling products, avoiding excessive heat and using mild cleansers with good conditioners Any type of hair that is dry, tangly, frizzy will greatly benefit from the Ionix hair extensions care line of 5 products.  Ionix for hair extensions care can be applied to scalp hair, hair extensions, wigs and hairpieces that have been bleached, dyed or any type of chemically processed hair.

When you buy IONIX products you can rest assure that these are the highest quality products available for hair extensions. There is no other company we know of that controls the formulation process from beginning to end; this ensures the highest quality in our products.

Brief guide on how to care for hair extensions using the Ionix products:

  • Pre-Shampoo Solution: A blend of natural oils that replaces the hair’s natural oil lost during chemical processing. It will prevent additional damage to the hair by protecting the fibers prior to cleaning and by adding natural moisturizers. Spray lightly all over dry hair. Work through with fingers or comb. Lightly rinse hair and proceed with Ionix Mild Shampoo. Do not use with other shampoos that will leave deposits causing damage.

  • Mild Shampoo: A light hair cleanser that must be applied after the Pre-Shampoo Solution in order to clean the hair effectively and reduce damage normally caused by regular shampoos. After rinsing hair from Pre-Shampoo Solution, apply the Mild Shampoo and massage into a lather. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with the Ionix Daily Conditioner or the Deep Conditioner.

  • Daily Conditioner: An intricate system made to drastically reduce friction that causes normal, dry and damaged hair to fracture and break. Apply to clean, damp hair. Rinse thoroughly. For more intense conditioning, wait 1-3 minutes. Follow with Ionix Maintenance Spray for all day protection. Style as usual.

  • Deep Conditioner: A sophisticated lubricating system that strengthens the hair by increasing elasticity and moisture content. Apply to clean, damp hair and work through to ends of hair. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with Ionix Maintenance Spray for all day protection. Style as usual.

  • Maintenance Spray: A powerful neutralizing leave-in conditioner that neutralizes oxidation and conditions the hair throughout the day. Use on either wet or dry hair daily. Spray thoroughly and comb through hair. Allow to dry naturally.


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