Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Whether you are adding a single line of hair extensions, for volume, bangs or color effects, our Layered hair extensions and Ready made weft hair extensions are perfect extensions for short hair. Recently, Victoria Wood created a custom bang piece for Katie Leclerc in her role with the TV series, Switched at Birth. She had to select from our Russian virgin hair as the color was very difficult to match before hand ventilating the bang piece. Often hair stylists can choose thin wefted hair extensions and then add thread to create a circlet piece that will be pulled on and covered with their own scalp hair. This is a very simple and easy way to add quick volume and bangs for thinning hair.

Layered hair extensions are recommended when adding length and volume for short hair extensions. It saves the stylist much time in thinning and texturing the hair extensions to look like natural hair growth. Often split ends can be a problem if the hair is razored or thinned with scissors too much. Our layered hair extensions are created by using the natural growth hair ponytails that are cut from the donor and then all the shortest nape hair lengths are removed. This creates a very natural appearance with tapered ends, as shown in the image below of our Ready Made weft hair extension line. These extensions are available in 12” length to 18” length in the standard textures or curly hair textures.

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