Hair Extensions Color and Shine Boost

Hair Extensions Color and Shine Boost

One of our clients’ frequently asked questions is “What can I do for customers that complain their hair color is fading and dulling?” It is normal that after a few months your client may experience color fading depending on how many times a week they wash their hair. This is especially true of red and ash tones. The dyes we use are permanent pre-metalized fiber dyes we import from Switzerland. They give the best color range, permanence and shine, but like any fabric they will fade with multiple washing and styling. It usually takes a few months for the fading to occur, but your clients will want that brand-new-hair look at all times.

I spoke with several hair extension stylists and many say they perform cellophane treatments for a quick color boost that greatly adds shine. You can schedule your customers for a 15-minute color and shine appointment. This quick boost will hold your client over the holidays and add extra “up-service” dollars for you. Cellophane treatments are fast, easy, ammonia-free and do not damage the hair extensions if applied carefully. The process will add color and shine, extending the look of your client’s hair and hair extensions.

One important recommendation: avoid the attachment area on both Poly and Cylinder hair extensions. The copper rings will catch and hold any liquids for a long period of time and can be difficult to rinse out any chemical residues. Chemicals applied on top of any type of fusion adhesive can cause a softening of the bonds. Keep 1-2 inches from the attachment point as wet hair will absorb the dye quickly and spread up into the bonds if you are too close.

Remember that we have bins full of very short hair that are great for experimenting. If you want to try out new products for color or curl to see how they react on our hair extensions please call or email us with your request. We can supply you with some free hair and hopefully you will share your results with us – good or bad.

- Elizabeth, co-founder and Director of Operations for Hair & Compounds.

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