Brazillian Blowout on Hair Extensions

Brazillian Blowout on Hair Extensions

Periodically we test salon products on our hair extensions so that we may know if it can be safely applied on our human hair. Usually a customer will ask us if they can apply a certain treatment and we normally recommend they avoid any chemical treatments or they risk damaging their client’s hair extensions. This week we decided to test the Brazillian Blowout treatment on our Indian Remy human hair in a color 12 Bleach. This is the same hair we manufacture for our hand-tied ready weft line and our Premium and Layered hair extension lines.

Amazing results!!! The 12 Bleach platinum blond hair was from a rejected lot of hair that we received and it did not pass quality control. We marked the hair as too frizzy and dry, but kept some in the lab for experiments. One of our production staff members applied the Brazillian treatment (Cadiveu Keratin Treatment) to the hair and it turned out beautifully. The hair was silky, smooth, straight and still holding up after several washes. We are fairly impressed with the results and feel confident to tell our stylists they can safely apply this treatment to the hair extensions. We cannot guarantee the results since there are a few different brand products out there and the stylist must follow application instructions and pay attention to warnings.

Let us know if there is a hair treatment you would like us to test. Customers of Hair & Compounds can email us the request or for faster results mail us the product to be tested and we will publish the results.

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