Blending Red Colors of Hair Extensions

Blending Red Colors of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions in red shades can grab enough attention on their own without having to resort to dramatic blends. Gorgeous red heads like Rachel Lefevre’s honey, Emma Stone’s auburn or Annie Wersching’s claret are amazingly rich reds that are achieved with uniform colors and subtle blends. Whether a stylists intends to install Cylinder hair extensions (micro ring hair extensions) or Poly hair extensions (fusion hair extensions) or even our Ready weft hair extensions, there are many colors to choose from. Here are some ideas on giving a touch of depth to our red and gold colors from our color ring.


The red color ring tag names for our hair extensions:

2 Red = Merlot

3 Red = Crimson

4 Red = Claret

5 Red = Auburn

6 Red = Copper

7 Red = Ginger

7 Gold = Natural Gold

8 Bleach = Light Bronze

9 Bleach = Honey


Red hair extensions color blend combinations:

1. For a base color of 2 Red add 1 small tip bundle of 2 Natural to add a dark brown tone that will give depth. Or to lighten a bit without adding more reds try 1 small tip bundle of 3 Bleach. Also an equal mix of 2 Red and 2 Natural will make a striking blend and calm the purple down without losing this beautiful wine shade.

2. For a base color of 3 Red add 1 small tip bundle of 3 Bleach to add a warm brown contrast. Or keep it in the reds with an equal mix of 3 Red and 2 Red for a lush blend of dark reds.


3. The 4 Red is one of the closest natural red shades and blends well with a variety of colors. Try adding 1 small tip bundle of 4 Bleach or 5 Red. For a deeper red while keeping it natural looking try and equal mix of 4 Red and 5 Red.

4. By itself the 5 Red is an amazing auburn, but for a touch of depth try adding 1 small tip bundle of 4 Bleach. For a subtle highlight add just one bundle of 6 Red.

5. For a base color of 6 Red add 1 small tip bundle of 5 Red for just a touch of low light. An equal mix of 5 Red and 6 Red creates a lighter auburn without losing the copper shine of the lighter color.

6. For a base color of 7 Red add 1 small bundle of 8 Bleach to add spark and shine to this lightest shade of red. For a more dramatic strawberry blond, mix equally the 7 Red and 8 Bleach. For just a touch of light to the 7 Red add 1 bundle of 9 Bleach.

7. For a base color of 8 Bleach add 1 small bundle of 9 Bleach. Or to calm down the bronze shade mix equally the 8 Bleach and 7 Gold.

8. For a pale gold natural looking blond add 1 small tip bundle of 7 Gold with a base of 9 Bleach. For a darker bronze blend mix equally the 9 Bleach and 8 Bleach.




Custom European Wefts: Using the same color combinations recommended in the above individual hair extensions – convert in the following way for weft hair extensions. 10 to 1 knots color weave or 5 to 1 knots comb thru and for equal mixes 1 to 1 knot color weaves.

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