Micro Hair Extensions for Copper ring application – Cylinder Hair Extensions

The Cylinder hair are micro hair extensions used with tubes or beads and made with high grade Indian Remy hair manufactured by us from raw hair to finished hair extensions with strict control over quality. Every bundle is tested for tangling, moisture content, hair shine, color matching and tensile strength. We hand pick the best raw Indian Remy cuticle hair to match the texture and softness of Caucasian hair and carefully process into 33 different colors.

For our micro hair extensions lines we use 100% human hair with cuticles intact. Although limited in availability, we also offer Russian micro hair extension lengths in virgin colors and textures. Cylinder micro hair extensions are sold by the bundle in two different tip sizes. Large tip has 25 strands and small tip has 50 strands with both size bundles containing the same weight in hair.

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Micro Hair Extensions

Types of micro hair extensions


Real Hair ExtensionsPremium Hair Extensions are European grade high quality Indian Remy featured in many motion pictures and available in salons throughout the country.

Layered Hair ExtensionLayered Hair Extensions are single drawn Indian Remy hair that offers more affordable options without reducing the hair quality.

Curly Hair ExtensionsCurly Hair Extensions are 100% authentic natural curly hair in variations of big waves to ringlets and has never been chemically or steam curled.

More details on micro hair extensions

Two-Color Blend Collection is a new line of two colors in a single strand or weft track with multiple combinations of colors.

Learn about our micro ring extensions tip that details the construction of a permanent tip that is flexible and can be re-applied multiple times.

Our natural hair extensions quality explains how we collect and process our human hair and the details that make our hair the best Remy hair extension lines.

Cylinder Application Guide explains in details how to apply micro ring hair extensions and tips for best application.

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