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July 21, 2015

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Hair Extensions Contract for Stylists

Hair extensions installed by a professionally trained and licensed stylist should include not only the service and verbal instructions but also a contract that outlines installation, maintenance and removal. View full article →
June 04, 2015

What's New ›

Platinum to Silver Hair

Custom ordering of platinum to silver hair in any type of extension or bulk hair for wigmakers. Limited availability as this is natural pure grey hair carefully finished into healthy cuticle ponytails. View full article →
June 02, 2015

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Retipping and Custom Blends

Retipping and custom blending service now available for both Cylinder and Poly extensions. View full article →
March 11, 2015

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Natural Ombre Custom Ordering

Custom order natural ombre extensions for your clients and/or create your own signature look. With some time and only a 4 bundle minimum, you can order any color combination in any type of hair extension line we offer. View full article →
March 02, 2015

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Hair Extension Visual Guide

A quick and simple visual summary of our hair lines, textures and applications. View full article →
March 01, 2015

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Reviews from our Stylists

A few words from our stylists about our hair extensions and experiences with us as their supplier. View full article →
March 01, 2015

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Update Log

Find out what's new or not so new if you have not visited us for a while. This is a log of all activities and product additions or changes. View full article →
December 11, 2014

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10 Easy Tips to Color Hair Extensions

Coloring hair extensions requires different precautions to get the look you need while keeping the hair healthy & beautiful. Follow these 10 tips & proceed with caution when taking on this project. View full article →
November 14, 2014

What's New ›

Additions to the color blend collection

We just added a new color combination and now will begin offering the 2-color blends in the Poly hair extension collection. View full article →
November 03, 2014

Hair Maintenance › What's New ›

Brush Up the hair extensions to last longer

IONIX Brush Up is an occasional in-salon hair extension treatment for professional use. This new addition to the Ionix line both prevents and solves problems of dry, frizzy and/or tangled hair extensions, hair pieces and wigs.

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